Kickstarter campaign launches for the Cotabato Sessions

We have just launched a campaign for the completion of The Cotabato Sessions, a music album and short film that follows a music legacy of one family in Mindanao, Philippines.

We were fortunate to capture the music of several generations last year 2013 in Cotabato City . Currently In Mindanao as of this week, they are continuing to broker the complex relations and peace talks between the government and  Muslim communities after decades of conflict.

The Cotabato Sessions captures the rich cultural heritage and beauty of one of these communities. One tribe, the Maguindanaons is featured through a family musical legacy of the Kalanduyans performing kulintang and kutyapi music , an Indigenous Philippine music with Indigenous dance.

We’re raising funds for the final completion to be able to release and share the music.

I am asking you to support the effort to bring culture, music and dance to future generations.

Please help us spread the word to make this possible!