Song of the Bird King

Song of the Bird KingSong of the Bird King is a company based in the Catskill Mountains in New York that is dedicated to creating multi-media projects that feature contemporary and traditional music composed of Indigenous and Urban ecology.

Co-Founders Susie Ibarra and Roberto J. Rodriguez are composers and percussionists whose music has been profoundly influenced by the interconnection of nature and cities. It is precisely at this intersection of  Indigenous and Urban ecologies where Ibarra and Rodriguez are compelled to invite cultural dialogue through performing arts and music.

It takes a diverse ecology to balance the compatibilities and tensions of Indigenous and Urban environments. This diverse ecology will nurture, enrich, support and create great art. As well as it takes great art to enrich, educate, conserve, innovate and support sustainable communities in nature and cities. In 2009 Ibarra and Rodriguez co-founded Song of the Bird King to forge new music, engage with technology, support Indigenous culture, support environmental and humanitarian efforts and launch a children’s music program, Mundo Niños.

Rodriguez is a Grammy nominee and recipient of BBC 3 World Music and American Music Awards. Ibarra is a TED 2010 Fellow and Asia21 Asia Society Young Leader Delegate. The two have performed internationally and recorded numerous records. The company focuses on both archiving and creating new works for music, film,performance and educational programming.

Electric Kulintang releases new music on SOTBK Music in 2013