Susie Ibarra

Composer/Improviser/Percussionist Susie Ibarra actively composes and performs music as a soloist, collaborator, with and for ensembles that are instrumental, vocal and interdisciplinary.

Concerts, Compositions, Recordings

Walking on Water, Ibarra’s first set of spirituals composed and to be recorded is commissioned by Culture Care Inc. for visual artist Makoto Fujimura’s paintings Walking on Water to be released 2020 digitally and for installation to accompany the paintings

painting by Makoto Fujimura

Susie Ibarra, Rhythm Cycles, solo drumset
commissioned performance by the Bagri Foundation
for At the Cutting Edge Series , November 2019
to be released digitally 2020 and LP on OTO Projects, London UK

Pulsation by Susie Ibarra commission for Kronos Quartet
50 for the Future Kronos Learning Repertoire
Released Feb 6, 2020

The Himalayas by Susie Ibarra for Splice Explores
Released March 14, 2020

Fragility Etudes by Susie Ibarra for the Asia Society Triennial 2020-2021
November 20, 2020

San Francisco Girls Chorus commission Susie Ibarra as composer in residence fall 2020 for a new work for the SF Girls Chorus School to premiere Spring 2021

When The Storm Fades
Festival Release 2018
Directed by Sean Devlin, Film Score by Susie Ibarra

Talking Gong
Commission by SUNY New Paltz and the Look and Listen Festival 2018
For Alex Peh, Claire Chase, Susie Ibarra

Procession Along the Aciga Tree
Commission for PRISM Saxophone Quartet + percussion

Flower of Sulphur
2018 Album Release on Thrill Jockey Records
Yunohana Variations
Featuring YoshimiO , Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, Susie Ibarra



The Best Jazz on Bandcamp: January 2021

So happy about to be sitting #3 on list between several wonderful musicians!

“This riveting set from Susie Ibarra has a talkative disposition, even when its overall mood is contemplative. Whether she’s playing solos, duets, or trios with pianist Alex Peh and flutist Claire Chase, the percussionist speaks with a language all her own. The music here has a sense of tension and release that is positively addictive.”

Winter 2021

January 22, 2021
Talking Gong, Susie Ibarra

Talking Gong by Susie Ibarra

Album Release on New Focus Recordings , available worldwide to buy/stream
digital and limited edition vinyl

Composer and percussionist Susie Ibarra releases a portrait album featuring solos, duets and trios with her new trio. Talking Gong with Claire Chase and Alex Peh will be released in digital and limited edition vinyl formats. Ibarra’s work melds influences from her Filipina heritage with her uniquely virtuosic approach to the drum set and sound collage.

 Talking Gong, Susie Ibarra


February 5 – March 31, 2021
Ione’s 26th Annual Dream Festival


World-wide dream action theater including performances, virtual music and literary launchings, art exhibitions, round table discussions, citywide and international ephemeral and long lasting dream events.

The Ministry of Maåt provides Spiritual, Educational and Holistic support for women and the full spectrum of cultural and gender identities. MoM nurtures creativity in multiple art forms as a foundation of the organization. We consistently wish to honor Black and Brown Histories and Futures.

The Ministry of Maåt (MoM) is a 501c3 Charitable Organization incorporated in the State of New York in 1997.

“Dream Community is a beautiful thing. It is our deepest source of creativity and our deepest form of democracy. We are all automatically members of this community, and we share the dream dimensions whether we are rich or poor, young or old. We dream in Angola and we dream in New York City. We dream in all weathers and through all the varying events and emotions of our lives. We are all dreamers. Because of this, dream sharing is an extraordinarily effective way of communing with other humans.” Ione (Excerpt from Listening in Dreams

Fall 2020

Playlist this week on ICareifYouListen , ListnUp #UnevenMeasures
Thank you Amanda Cook and I care if you Listen. Happy to share these beautiful artists on this weeks playlist as part of Uneven Measures. I chose these pieces for my playlist because they’re like spirituals that I listen to that keep me grounded and close to nature.

ListN Up: Susie Ibarra (October 23, 2020)


Water Rhythms : listening to climate change
Public installations and Story maps
TED Senior Fellows Susie Ibarra and Michele Koppes launched their immersive artwork: Water Rhythms: Listening to Climate Change – two sonic waterfall installations, as part of a global art action on climate change for TED Countdown on Climate Change.

So excited to launch both our public art install with Fine Acts and TED Countdownalong with the Water Rhythms STory Maps on ESRI Maps. These SToryMaps contain photos, video, audio field recordings and maps of 5 water towers that Michele Koppes and Ihave been recording along with our sound and science teams. Although we are on pause from th efield, we will be back up at a safer moment to recofrd at the source of the Ganges of Satopanth and Gangotri Glacier. This is the first for us to share our field work publicly from the last 4 years and we will be adding to the story map rhythm transcriptions, more recordings, and writing aobut the work of listenin gto climate change through water rhythms. Thank you to everyone on our teams , Nat Geo, TED , Asian Cultural Council, Fine Acts and Splice.

Water Rhythms Story Maps


Rhythm Cycles, new drum solo digital release on OTO Projects UK. November 23, 2021

Susie Ibarra, Rhythm Cycles, drum solo

Excited to release this solo album commissioned by the Bagri Foundation in London and performed and recorded at the wonderful Cafe OTO in Dalston.