Stories of the Desert in a Changing Climate

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Understanding the urgency with

which climate action is needed,

Joudour Sahara, Susie Ibarra, and

Sonic Matters are providing

platforms for underrepresented

young women in M’hamid El

Ghizlane to define their own climate

narratives, hearing and seeing how

they experience climate issues. We

are working with 15 young girls

aged 9 - 15 to record and video

natural and domestic environments

affected by climate change, along

with 3 female community leaders to

coordinate the project locally.

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A short video on Joudour Sahara's anti-desertification efforts as told by Joudour Sahara Campus Designer and Co-Founder Aziza Chaouni.

Previous work completed by Susie Ibarra and Joudour Sahara, Sounds of Drâa Valley, Morocco

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