Rouse Vistiing Artist Lecture and Solo Surround Sound Performance: Susie Ibarra

Harvard Graduate School of Design November 2019


Procession Along the Aciga Tree by Susie Ibarra for PRISM Saxophone Quartet, Color Theory 2.0 commission


Talking Gong by Susie Ibarra for Alex Peh, Claire Chase & Susie Ibarra

a Davenport Composer in Residence commission by SUNY New Paltz


Rhythm Cycles, Susie Ibarra solo drumset , Issue Project Room


Susie Ibarra Sound Packs with Splice


Fragility: An Exploration of Polyrhythms

DreamTime Ensemble performing the world premiere June 2018 , The Starr Gallery , Asia Society NY


Fragility: An Exploration of Polyrhythms with dance by Souleymane Badolo, and music with motion capture by Susie Ibarra. Interactive design by Tommy Martinez.

Talking Gong by Susie Ibarra

Commissioned for SUNY New Paltz. Performed and premiered by Alex Peh, Claire Chase and Susie Ibarra , March 2018.

New Ear Festival 2019: Susie Ibarra and Brian Chase

Fridman Gallery, NYC

Yunohana Variations live at Supersonic Festival, June 2019


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