Walking On Water

Walking on Water images began as Fujimura’s elegy to the victims of March 11th, 2011 Tohoku Great Earthquake and the Tsunami. The series continues now as a collaboration with visionary composer and avant-garde percussionist Susie Ibarra. Ibarra took an underwater microphone to Himalayan hills, to record the sound of glaciers breaking and melting, and uses that as the immersive backdrop to her composition. Walking on Water, therefore now, has become an elegy to the climate change crisis, as well as an homage to human resilience of hope in dire circumstances. Fujimura and Ibarra hope to install the paintings and the composed music in a series of museums and sacred spaces.
11 Spirituals were composed by Susie Ibarra to accompany Walking on Water paintings by Makoto Fujimura. This album includes two compositions created out of field recordings of water in Sikkim and India in the Himalayas. These field recordings are part of an ongoing project, Water Rhythms: Listening to Climate Change, a collaboration between Susie Ibarra and Michele Koppes (climate scientist, glaciologist and geographer).


Released April 23, 2021

Dreamtime Ensemble :

Yuka C. Honda - Electronics
Yves Dharamraj - Cello
Claudia Acuña - Voice
Jake Landau - Guitars, Synthesizer, Hammond Organ
Jennifer Choi - Violin
Susie Ibarra - Drumset, Percussion

Jennifer Choi was recorded by Kevin S. Hahn at Opal Studio in Portland, Oregon
Yves Dharamraj was recorded remotely in Florida
Claudia Acuña was recorded at Figure 8 Studios by Philip Weinrobe
Yuka C. Honda was recorded remotely in Franklin, New York
Jake Landau and Susie Ibarra were recorded at Spillway Sound by Eli Crews

Walking on Water Spirituals were mixed by Eli Crews at Spillway Sound Mastered by Ryan Streber at Oktaven Audio

Water Compositions were mixed by Jake Landau at Crossroads Studio

Field Records were recorded in support by the Asian Cultural Council Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship 2018 and 2019 and a Bennington College Faculty Grant.

The raw field recordings were recorded by Susie Ibarra, Michele Koppes, Jake Landau, and Rajesh Kumar Singh in 3 water towers of Easton Glacier, Washington State, Ganges River in Banares, India and Sikkim, Himalayas.