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Digital Sanctuaries Harvard​


Digital Sanctuaries Harvard is a soundwalk app that invites the public to alight on a virtual journey through the Harvard University campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Created by the composer, percussionist and sound artist Susie Ibarra and commissioned by Harvard Professor Claire Chase’s Fall 2020 Freshman Seminar (Community Building and Social Justice through Music), Digital Sanctuaries is an ever-changing musical score that finds meditative listening spaces in unexpected places. Through weekly soundwalks and collaborative musical experiments, Ibarra and Chase invited the fifteen students in the seminar to choose places of importance to them, and to create original sound compositions for each location. The fifteen resulting compositions combine field recordings, vocal and instrumental improvisations, electronic instruments, and original and historical texts. These pieces form a dynamic sonic archive of the experiences of a freshman class searching for connection, community and sanctuary in the midst of a pandemic.

Computer Scientist, Apple Distinguished Educator and TED Fellow Rommel Feria and his team, Philippines
Interaction Designer Shankari Murali, India
Sound Engineer Jake Landau, NY

This app collects user location, solely for purposes internal to the app, such as locating the user on a map to navigate to the nearest site. No data is stored or used for advertising. No personal data is collected for any purpose.

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