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Susie Ibarra: Talking Gong with Claire Chase and Alex Peh
Roulette Intermedium

Susie Ibarra: Talking Gong with Claire Chase and Alex Peh

Composer and percussionist Susie Ibarra returns to Roulette with Talking Gong featuring flutist Claire Chase and pianist Alex Peh. This dynamic trio emerged out of the premiere of the title piece commissioned for SUNY New Paltz in 2018 when Ibarra was Davenport Composer in Residence, and the release of their album Talking Gong on New Focus Recordings this January 2021. Talking Gong will perform an evening program of music featuring compositions by Ibarra from their album, as well as Ibarra’s series of solos as bird songs of the sunbird, hummingbird and kingfisher for piano, flute, and drums. The trio joined by electronic artist Senem Pirler will also perform a version of The Witness by Pauline Oliveros, an improvisation-based score that asks performers to witness and respond to their environments (natural, acoustic, somatic, political...) through a series of deep listening strategies. Peh and Chase will perform a duet inspired by the blackbird, The Merle Noir, by Olivier Messiaen. Amidst the program are conduction pieces by Ibarra, a mixture of motivic scores and improvisation that highlight the trio’s unique sound world and musical chemistry. Claire Chase: piccolo, flute, alto and bass flutes Alex Peh: piano Susie Ibarra: drumset, kulintang, gandingan, agong, and percussion Senem PirlerL electronics on The Witness Merienda Kolubrí Kingfisher Sunbird Talking Gong compositions by Susie Ibarra ASCAP The Witness composition by Pauline Oliveros 1989 copyright Deep Listening Publications All Rights Reserved The Ministry of Maåt, Inc. ( ASCAP Le Merle Noire composition by Olivier Messiaen -- This performance is presented live in Roulette's theater in Downtown Brooklyn. Roulette’s mission is to support artists creating new and adventurous art in all disciplines by providing them with a venue and resources to realize their creative visions and to build an audience interested in the evolution of experimental art. Donate: #RouletteIntermedium

These videos include performances, installation compositions, sound and music from the field, film music and narrative musical stories by Susie Ibarra

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