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Digital Sanctuaries of Lower Manhattan NYC​



Take a Soundwalk!
Take the Red, Green or Blue Route.
On the Home Page, navigate to the ‘maps’ section and try one of the 3 sound walks, grouped based on the adjacency and the proximity of the locations.

Try the Mixer!

When you arrive at one of the twelve locations, go to the ‘mix’ selection and mix your own version of the compositions with the 4 channel mixer.

Suggestions for a great soundwalk:

  1. Bring your headphones to enjoy the music in both quiet and crowded spaces.

  2. Be sure to locate yourself in areas with good reception. The maps page will help provide directions to areas of good reception.

How to manually enable location services for the app?

Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > DS NYC

Privacy Policy:

This app collects user location, solely for purposes internal to the app, such as locating the user on a map to navigate to the nearest site. No data is stored or used for advertising. No personal data is collected for any purpose.

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