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Digital Sanctuaries Pittsburgh​


Digital Sanctuaries is a modular music app walk that remaps cities with sanctuaries of music. The app is designed for any device that can open a web browser and also designed as a native app. Digital Sanctuaries invites people to walk the sites, listen to music, four channel music mix and post their experiences. Created by Composers Susie Ibarra & Roberto Juan Rodriguez, Digital Sanctuaries Pittsburgh is a commission for The City of Asylum Pittsburgh and supported by The National Endowment for the Arts and Art Place America. Interaction design was created by Shankari Murali, with Mobile web app and iOS creation by Rommel Feria and mobile app development team at the University of the Philippines. Poetry and sites for The City of Asylum were chosen and commissioned by Henry Reese.

Privacy Policy
This app collects user location, solely for purposes internal to the app, such as locating the user on a map to navigate to the nearest site. No data is stored or used for advertising. No personal data is collected for any purpose.

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