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Stories of the Desert 
In a Changing Climate

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Understanding the urgency with which climate action is needed, INGO and Music School Joudour Sahara, Sound Artist and Composer Susie Ibarra, and Openlab The Witness are providing platforms for underrepresented young women in M’hamid El Ghizlane to define their own climate narratives, hearing and seeing how they experience climate issues. We are working with 15 young girls aged 9 - 15 to record and video natural and domestic environments affected by climate change, along with 3 female community leaders to coordinate the project locally.

On their first field week together for Joudour Sahara and Susie Ibarra,  the sounds that students felt were most pressing to record were water sources and as well as lack of and the dry rivers, extreme heat and wind in the constant effort to hold off desertification. These sounds were recorded on site, farm, desert, in its use in homes, the school and at various hours of the day .We conducted interviews about the  climate stories with conservationist and cultural ambassador for the region and Co-Founder of Joudour Sahara , Halim Sbai,  and their lead farmer Habib of Joudour Sahara Cultural and Environmental Center as well as  family members of several generations in the community. 

These sounds and video will create an spatial multi-channel installation that are currently in development to be exhibited  in several places in Morocco, US, and Europe beginning end of summer 2023.

M'Hamid El Ghizlane is the 6th and last Oasis in the Draa Valley of South Sahara.  Joudour Sahara is working to establish better water management for the community and a proposal for a water reservoir to capture and utilize efficiently rain water to revitalize the desert communities and farming.

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Soundwalk at Joudour Sahara Farm. Listening to head farmer Habib start the water pump. May 2022.
Listening to camels drink at a solar watering well in the South Sahara, Morocco. May 2022. 
Joudour Sahara student Arwah singing in to a nomad well in the South Sahara Desert, Morocco. September 2022.
Joudour Sahara Students singing and performing for Zamane Festival at the music school cafe. September, 2022. 
Videos, and photos by Thomas Duncan, Co-Founder of Joudour Sahara Music Program, a school and NGO founded with Playing For Change Foundation .
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