So excited for this special collaboration with bassist/ multi instrumentalist and composer @rrparry Richard Reed Parry. Field II Drift, Our single releasing today 6/22/22 worldwide on @offair and @umusic with @splice and full album on July 15,2022

This album titled Heart and Breath: Rhythm and Tone Fields is comprised of contemplative ambient compositions all focused around our heart beat and breath cycles. Thank you for the invite by @joshsrobertson @maxaugustmusic where we met for a collaboration through Splice commission. We were thinking about how to enter this remote space together. Embracing the studio “as an instrument”, Richard invited me to create music together centered around our literal heart and breath cycles and expanding layers of music together with this. It made so much sense.

The artwork for this visualizer is created in commission for Heart and Breath: Rhythm and Tone Fields
By artist and chemist Karina Bleau , Editted by @joshsrobertson

Thank you to everyone involved , Especially @offair @splice @umusic @jakelandau and Pietro Amato

Field II Drift june 22 RELEASE with Richard Reed Parry and myself from upcoming album release Heart and Breath : Rhythm and Tone Fields on OFFAIR and Splice on july 15, 2022