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Rudimentary Rhythms of Birdsongs Weekend Webinar

September 9-10, 2023

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We are so excited to come back with our 2nd iteration of the Rudimentary Rhythms of Birdsongs Weekend Webinar on September 9 and 10 from 12pm -1:30pm ET/ 9am-1030am PT / 6-7:30pm CET.  


Birds are some of our oldest drummers and singers who have carried these songs for centuries into so many cultures.

This webinar explores the rudimentary rhythms constructed from the melodic and rhythmic phrasing of some of their languages. 

The webinar will feature bird songs from around the world , their recordings , transcriptions , notations , and interpretations into drumset language. Some bird songs that we will explore will include of Central and Southeast Asia including the Blue Whistling Thrush, the American Robin and American Orioles, European Blackbird and the Thekla Lark, Blue Rock Thrush and Sardinian Warbler of Andalucia. 

This Webinar is an extension of what is studied in the Drum Labs: Rhythm In Nature Course in which we study my 6 part analysis to listening to , recording , and interpreting sounds from different habitats in nature. Here it will focus on the lens of bird song. 

We will listen to various field recordings and analyze them through warmup and movement exercises , spatial mapping , spatial mapping on the drums (or your personal instrument) , transcriptions and notation , and practicals of playing the rhythms on your instrument. 

Those that attend the Webinar will be offered to join the Drum Labs: Rhythm In Nature international course and community at a discounted price ! 

Hope to see you soon on September 9 and 10, 2023!

To enroll please click the Enroll Now button below. Once payment is received you will receive a welcome email and info / Zoom links for the Webinar. 

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