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June 29, 2022

Thanks for subscribing to my blog! This is where I'll be sharing daily observations when on the field recording, performing, rehearsing, experimenting and so forth. I will also be sharing excerpts of writing from my upcoming book, Rhythm in Nature. 

I am honored and really excited to be invited as artist in residence this year at the TANK Center for Sonic Arts in Rangely. Colorado.  The history and creative exploration with the large resonant cistern tank amidst the Colorado desert canyon, rivers and national parks makes it a very unique site to explore sound in a built and natural environment.  I will be recording and experimenting with sound inside the TANK and also recording the neighboring area of Fantasy Canyon filled with extraordinary lithophone formations and Dinosaur National Monument Echo Park where echos and slaps move in repetitious and elongated decays. I have been listening to the beautiful resonant work of Bill Frisell and Bill Morrison who created music and film at the TANK and the slow late Beethoven string quartet recorded remote at National Sawdust. I was also shocked at how long the decay of a gong note took when played. More to come as I step into the TANK and onto the field this September 2022.