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Drum Labs: Rudimentary Rhythms of Birdsongs

Happy New Year 2023!

Wishing you all a wonderful beginning to the new year

Susie Ibarra at the TANK Center for Sonic Arts, photo by Tessa Fuqua

Drum Labs: Rudimentary Rhythms of Birdsongs

with Susie Ibarra

Jan 28,29, 2023

12pm-1:30pm ET

Excited to share, that through my cultural studio and journal, Sound Health Habitat, I’m teaching a weekend webinar Jan 28 & 29 of rhythmic rudiments and rhythmic meditations inspired by birdsongs.

Whether you are a musician or new to this, in this webinar I will break down rudiments of rhythm in birdsongs as rhythmic meditations, movement for our bodies and rudimentary practice on our instruments.

Sign up here to my website to receive webinar registration information! I will also be giving out a download of my rhythmic rudiments of birdsongs:

Fun Facts

What do we humans have in common with Zebra Finches? Apparently more than we might assume. Zebra Finches learn their language, their birdsongs, through rhythmic patterns and when they are young, they are taught by elders. Like the Dreamweavers, T’bolis in the southern Philippines, these birds practice and learn their music in their sleep and in their dreams. Zebra finches are also social and like to be around each other. Okay so maybe that’s some people some of the time, but not all the time :)

These stories, facts and rhythms along side others such as the striking similarities of a Robins song and a rudimentary snare solo, are unpacked here in the Drum Labs.

Is it always so surprising how we are listening and playing notes from nature? I think birds have some of the longest lineages of drummers, especially being connected to their ancestors the dinosaurs. So how do they do it and what are some of these rhythmic rudiments ?

It’s been great to be in research and in dialogue with my friend and colleague physicist Dr. Bernard Grossman about all things rhythm, birds and physics. It's a continuous fascination of constantly investigating wonder and entering conversations of the deep connections of music, sound, math, science and our environments.

The webinar is a reinvention of rudimentary rhythms that move through our bodies. These labs support our strengths and weaknesses in our varying bodies and examine ideas of ambidexterity, motion, illusion, independence, beat, and the affects of rhythm on our bodies.

There’s something for all kinds of curious people who love music and love to connect and explore nature.

Whether your curious about rhythm, birdsongs, physics, nature and music, want to find new healthy ways to move your body, looking to explore another way of communicating rhythm in performance or composition, or you just want to kill it on the drums. Sign up and learn about rhythm and birdsongs. I think it’s always great to reinvent in order to invent and also great to ground ourselves in Mother Nature , because #momknowsbest

I’m curious to hear what are your favorite birdsongs? Drop a note here and share it!

Thank you and blessings for 2023

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